We wish  you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017. 
Wishing you all the best for 2017.
See you all next year! 

From all of us at Deaf Confederacy. 

Please read and it is encouraging to help disabled people…please read on. 


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A MEP using Flemish Sign Language who is well known for her early work with the European Union of the Deaf and Federation of Flemish Deaf Organisations has backed Scotland staying in the EU after the dramatic shocking result of the UK’s referendum on their membership of the … Read More

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We wish  you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.  Wishing you all the best for 2017. See you ...


Please read and it is encouraging to help disabled people...please read on.  http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/14920438.Employability_Minister_confirms_work_programme_for_disabled_will_be_voluntary/ (C) Deaf Confederacy. 

Why Choose Deaf Confederacy?

1. Impartiality and Transparency

Why we should choose you? We have to be honest with you; we could not answer that question just now. However, in time, you shall see why, Deaf Confederacy should be your first choice you shall make. We are handing the ‘mantle’ over to you to do something that is your participation with the Deaf Confederacy. We are doing something different from others. Deaf Confederacy must run by the Deaf people, and this should be able to give you the voice (that should not take from you that you value greatly.) For the past generations, we have been involved to voice our concerns. It was brushed under the carpet on a few occasions, to silence our voice. (Yes we do experienced this due to their ignorance in the past! It is very frustrating position to be in…..Ed) perhaps it was not intentional, it was to protect the organisation’s name? Or we were simply brushed aside? Whatever with their rationale decisions on that basis were, we shall never know. But not with Deaf Confederacy, we tell you straight on what it says on the tin. That’s impartiality and transparency for you.

Why us? Choosing Deaf Confederacy is going to be your choice, not us. We will not apply pressure and force you to join us; we shall leave that choice to you to make the decision.

Deaf Confederacy

2. The Best Solution for Deaf Confederacy

Deaf Confederacy have a strategic approach, the goal is to have strategy, it must be designed to build a movement of passionate Deaf people, who would walk to four corners of the earth to have a significant change to their daily lives. Deaf Confederacy’s aim is to build a relationship with the Deaf audience and the participants who shall involve Deaf Confederacy at some stage of their life. Deaf Confederacy does want the Deaf to become the advocates, leaders for others to make an impact for a greater goodness. We do want them to share their content, want them to feel connected with their impact, and most importantly Deaf Confederacy want you to represent that to all their friends and family and help others to achieve the ‘impossible’ dream.

Impossible? …Okay you got us there, there are certain elements of barriers were placed in front of you for you to overcome the obstacles! (However, the barriers should not be there in first place!) This is where Deaf Confederacy can help and break the barriers for you where it is possible and permitted.

Here is a famous saying, “Nothing is impossible”. (You may have a wee smirk here, thinking yeah “what do they know”). Who would have never thought there was a man who actually walked on the moon, who had originally thought it was impossible to do so. The technology has evolved to make this possible, so the technology evolves, so are the Deaf people.

Deaf Confederacy

3. Aims and Objectives


1. Reduce the inequality of opportunities for Deaf, hard of hearing, deafened and deafblind people living in Scotland; especially those who use BSL as their first language.

2. Ensuring that Deaf people are able to express themselves through their choice of language.

3. To improve the perception of Deaf people in Scotland.


1. Supporting the use of research in Scotland to identity key areas; liaising with members of the Deaf Community; providing latest news to the Deaf Community in BSL; collaborating with a wide range of relevant organisations.

2. Through feedback from Deaf people, Deaf Confederacy will provide opportunities for involvement in identifying and addressing inequalities through research, policy and practice.

3. Encourage opportunities for younger Deaf people to gain experience and develop roles and responsibilities within the Deaf community and wider society.

4. Your participation with us @ Deaf Confederacy

Your participation with Deaf Confederacy
Of course taking part with Deaf Confederacy is a volunteer basis and it is fundamental importance for you to take part if you wish. This shall demonstrate with your abilities and skills towards to your future potential employer/s with the participation of Deaf Confederacy to make a significant change for those all concerned in association with Deaf Confederacy and with it’s Deaf affiliates to today’s society.

Deaf Confederacy will undertake any aspects of the education and the learning curve for those who wish to take part herein, no matter what with your skills and abilities are. There is always room for all of us to learn, in life, and our education is a constant during our lives and shall be part of it with one ambition, to improve our quality of life.

“Education is one of the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013