Best Scottish Deaf Moments of the Year Part Three from 2015

Best Scottish Deaf Moments of the Year Part Three from 2015

Looking for some motivation for this year in order to shake off the January blues? Well read on as we finish off on what we felt that was the highlights of 2015 for Scotland’s Deaf Community.

Perhaps YOU could make it for 2016’s best moments? Why not because it is an exciting time for Scotland’s Deaf Community, what really struck me that despite Scotland having a devolved Parliament in 1999, it hasn’t really happened for ordinary Scottish BSL users until now.

The NAGs, where Scottish BSL users are now in a position to have their say on the behalf of the wider Scottish Deaf Community, and of course the Youth National Advisory Group and the Deafblind National Advisory Group will be formed too in due course, it’s a game changer in the history of the Deaf Community.

Here is our overall best Scottish Deaf moments of the year of 2015 in no particular order.

1) The Scottish Parliament’s Facebook group for the BSL (Scotland) Bill which was probably a first around the world! It was a proud day for Scotland’s Deaf Community and for the Scottish Parliament too –

2) Lee Robertson’s BSL video on what had happened on the day that the Scottish BSL became an Act on September 17th 2015 –

3) Danielle Joyce, a Scottish Deaf swimmer who has represented GB and for her winning
the inaugural Scottish Sportswoman of the Year was pretty amazing –

4) The Scottish Men and Ladies’ teams took part in the 7th International Deaf Lawn Bowling Championships in Belfast and enjoyed an incredible success in the event by winning the overall world deaf bowling championship –

5) The contactSCOTLAND-BSL service was officially launched on March 2nd 2015, it was originally used as a video relay service for NHS 24 which is a health information and self-care advice for Scotland and the conactSCOTLAND-BSL’s service was extended to the rest of Scotland’s public sector –

6) September 17th 2015 is a day for Scotland’s Deaf Community to remember and it is probably a version of the American’s July 4th; it is of course where the Scottish BSL Bill became an Act –

7) The BSL tartan which was created by a student from Heriot Watt University, a third year textile student, Silvia Marinas.

8) People were given a vote to decide on the best design from the three tartan designs, that’s democracy in Scotland for you! It was great especially seeing the school pupils are getting involved, and that is what we like to see! –

9) BDA and SCoD were nominated for the Campaigner of the Year as part of the Herald’s Politician of the Year event, they didn’t win but being nominated was a great achievement in itself alone, the highlights of the evening was Mhairi Black demonstrating her fingerspelling’s skills and apparently Nicola Sturgeon signed ‘Thank you’ when she collected her politician of the year award!-

10) The launch of the BA Performance in British Sign Language and English course which has been designed specifically for deaf students who aspire to a career in the theatre industry. Created in partnership with Solar Bear Theatre Company, this three year degree programme is the only course of its kind currently on offer in the UK.

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