Best Scottish Deaf Moments of the Year Part Two

Best Scottish Deaf Moments of the Year Part Two

We gave a wee background of what has resulted in our best moments of the year in part one, if you missed it then here it is –

Today, we’ll carry on with the best moments of the year, we have already said in our first part that the Scottish Parliament’s Facebook group for the Scottish BSL Bill is one of our best moments in 2015.

We are not announcing the best moments in ranks because they will all be treated the same by us.

The Deaf media coverage on the passing of the Scottish BSL Act perhaps hasn’t been the best at times however, Lee Robertson who attended the event summed up brilliantly in his video via the Scottish BSL Act Facebook group, we chosen his video because we felt that it was the most balanced reporting overall of that day which took place on September 17th 2015, and that was the day that the Scottish BSL Act passed. View Lee’s video – Lee Robertson’s video

Switching away from the Scottish Parliament, we look upon elsewhere for our best moments of the year; this lassie from North Ayrshire is simply a prodigious figure in the world of swimming. She has been breaking Deaf swimming records for fun. It came to no surprise to us that Danielle Joyce has won the Scottish Women in Sport’s Scottish Sportswoman of the Year award! –

It is an exciting time for Scottish Deaf Sport within the last decade because Scotland is growing in status in Deaf sports, we have had the legendary Gerry Hughes who sailed across the world a few years ago, and we are now still seeing more achievements from Scotland’s Deaf Sports Community such as the Scottish Deaf’s bowling team.

The Scottish Men and Ladies’ teams took part in the 7th International Deaf Lawn Bowling Championships in Belfast and enjoyed an incredible success in the event by winning the overall world deaf bowling championship –

The power of sports cannot be underestimated, it cannot be a coincidence because with the recent announcement from contactSCOTLAND- BSL, they announced that Sport Scotland – the national agency for Sport in Scotland, they made themselves ready to use contactSCOTLAND-BSL’s service –

It may have been a coincidence or not, however it is certainly a happy coincidence because it is going to make people’s lives easier when they are using BSL to make video calls, and that is a result of contactSCOTLAND-BSL which has been funded by the Scottish Government.

The contactSCOTLAND-BSL service was officially launched on March 2nd 2015, it was originally used as a video relay service for NHS 24 which is a health information and self-care advice for Scotland and the conactSCOTLAND-BSL’s service was extended to the rest of Scotland’s public sector.

Visit contactSCOTLAND-BSL –

We hope you have enjoyed our best moments of the year part two, we will be returning shortly with our final part, which moments will be in it?!

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