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A MEP using Flemish Sign Language who is well known for her early work with the European Union of the Deaf and Federation of Flemish Deaf Organisations has backed Scotland staying in the EU after the dramatic shocking result of the UK's referendum on their membership of the ... Read More
June 29, 2016Toby Dawson


We are pleased to see an article regarding our campaign which has seen it being endorsed by all five Scottish political leaders after being asked by One in Five via Twitter Please share this article, and our petition too as it is your right to ask BBC Scotland ... Read More
March 31, 2016Toby Dawson


Mar2016 Our family was totally ignorant to the news on STV at its usual teatime slot, even though there was an outburst of camera flashing being triggered off by someone’s appearance; we stayed engaged into our own conversation not paying much attention to the news. It changed completely when it was ... Read More
March 24, 2016Toby Dawson


Since Sport is devolved to the Scottish Parliament, and with the recent Scottish BSL Act, opportunities are starting to open up slowly. A fantastic opportunity is available for young Deaf Scots aged between 14 to 25 to apply to be on the young people's sport panel, for more information, please visit ... Read More
February 6, 2016Toby Dawson


A wee bit of Friday evening Scottish history! Back in 2011 / 2012,  Mark Griffin announced that the Scottish BSL Bill was being delayed due to the Bill including things that was reserved to Westminster, and he also commented that there wouldn't be an advisory board such as the Scottish Gaelic ... Read More
January 29, 2016Toby Dawson


Looking for some motivation for this year in order to shake off the January blues? Well read on as we finish off on what we felt that was the highlights of 2015 for Scotland’s Deaf Community. Perhaps YOU could make it for 2016’s best moments? Why not because it is an ... Read More
January 22, 2016Toby Dawson


Dec2015 We gave a wee background of what has resulted in our best moments of the year in part one, if you missed it then here it is - Today, we’ll carry on with the best moments of the year, we have already said in our first part that ... Read More
December 30, 2015Toby Dawson


Dec2015 The year of 2015 is approaching the end, Scotland is gearing herself up for the traditionally celebration of Hogmanay, a Scots word meaning the last day of the year. We couldn't let you say farewell to the year of 2015 without reminiscing of what has happened in 2015, it has been ... Read More
December 22, 2015Toby Dawson


EdSign held a lecture on what would the BSL Scotland Act means for the Deaf Community in Scotland and it is available on YouTube. Avril Hepner and Hilary Third from the BDA and the Scottish Government's Equality Unit respectively, they both provided an insight of what is to come with the ... Read More
December 8, 2015Toby Dawson


On 2 December 2015, the European Commission has finally released the European Accessibility Act. The European Accessibility Act, which takes the form of a Directive, proposes to make goods and services accessible to ensure a full inclusion for all persons in the ... Read More
December 3, 2015Grant Ferguson