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Welcome to Deaf Confederacy’s Cinema accessibility analysis….for the Deaf Community.  Deaf Confederacy’s views with the cinema’s accessibility requirements and we would really appreciate if you can submit with your views and the findings with your cinema experience to us to allow us to probe, evaluate, analyse  and how it can be improved for us or speeding up the process for all of us……

We are very well aware that my local cinema has been very productive since it was launched. The emails were sent weekly reminders in particular every Thursdays which Deaf Confederacy strongly applaud to those who were involved in the process to make this possible for the Deaf subscribers – Your Local Cinema. Unfortunately it hasn’t not crossed the finishing line, due to inadequate filming times. Recently in East Kilbride, there was a subtitled feature for the new James Bond film; “Spectre”. The starting times was on a Sunday at 9am! (Ed. Obviously I didn’t go, imagine if I went, I would be liable to ask for eggs, sausages and bacon favoured popcorn with a cup of orange juice with a straw!)  However there were some technological advancement from Sony which is a substantial boost but nothing has been materialised since the announcement of the glasses, it’s called “Entertainment Access Glasses” from Sony.

When is the question will we all be getting these, it is very interesting with the legislative laws under the EU; Cinema  owners will be under greater obligation to provide services fo  disabled customers. Currently in France, this requirement became law from 2015; with other European countries expected to implement measures in a similar timeframe.

Deaf Confederacy shall ask the Cinema owners with their intentions to provide with the accessibility requirements to match the same as the hearing peers without having the restricted timeslots for the cinema viewing. However Deaf Confederacy  has enclosed a link with the relevancy to subtitling of the cinema – “State of subtitling access in EU.”

“Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn’t give you what you desire – it tells you how to desire.”  

Slavoj Žižek

The quotation above has summed up perfectly that we, the Deaf Community, desire with unlimited timeslots to be in par with the hearing peers to go the subtitled cinema anytime.

It is such importance to like this posting or not, this will be the vehicle driven for the Deaf Confederacy to conduct with further research and analysis of the said subjects. It’s in your hands to determine the fate of the postings. Thank you.

Deaf Confederacy

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