Deaf Mental Health in Scotland
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Deaf Mental Health in Scotland

In the past events, it has dawned that there is a necessity that Deaf Confederacy must share with you and the rest of the Deaf community and beyond, and including the future. We do talk from experience with constant frustrations due to lack of communication, in despair when we were in the hour of need for help; it is to have the essential BSL communication to talk someone and seeking for help with medical professionals and with their guidance. It is so obviously BSL is paramount to allow the participation to take place to make the happening to seek the right level of support that we need from time to time from the medical professionals.

It is pleasing to see Scottish Mental Health Service for Deaf People is available and we are going to increase this awareness via Deaf Confederacy to inform the Deaf grassroots,  and reminding other Deaf BSL users again to make sure the Deaf community are very well aware that the specialist help is available. It’s a new national service is being hosted by NHS Lothian to provide specialist support in Scotland for Deaf people with mental health problems across Scotland.

You may ask, what is Deaf Mental Health and why do we get this kind of help?  One to one relationship does not exist for the Deaf people in the past because they are using the BSL interpreters to relay and it was almost impossible to do “peer to peer” support, the BSL interpreter will not provide with that kind of service with the medical professionals. That is why Deaf Confederacy sees this as a very encouraging way to see they have their own staff to communicate with BSL to the Deaf by having one to one basis. Looking at the bright side, it stays confidential between the two parties and it should remain in this way.

Please click here – Mental Health Services for the Deaf for further information.

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