Helga Stevens, a Deaf MEP Support Scotland to Stay in the EU

Helga Stevens, a Deaf MEP Support Scotland to Stay in the EU

A MEP using Flemish Sign Language who is well known for her early work with the European Union of the Deaf and Federation of Flemish Deaf Organisations has backed Scotland staying in the EU after the dramatic shocking result of the UK’s referendum on their membership of the EU.

Helga Stevens is a Belgian politician of the New Flemish Alliance and her website can be found via: http://helgastevens.eu/en

The UK held a referendum on Thursday – June 23rd to decide whether to stay or leave the EU and overall it was a victory for the Leave campaign.

However Scotland voted to remain in the UK by a large majority of 62%, Nicola Sturgeon – Scotland’s First Minister issued a statement on the day of the EU referendum result that she would do everything to keep Scotland in the EU including a ‘very likely’ second Scottish independence referendum.

Alyn Smith, a Scottish MEP made a call asking the European Parliament not to let Scotland down and Helga Stevens responded on her personal Twitter account backing Alyn Smith’s call.


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