First things first…………………..We’re sorry for the significant delay with the launch  of ‘Deaf Confederacy’………We would like to welcome you all to the ‘Deaf Confederacy’.  It’s the grassroots of the Deaf communities in Scotland and with a good possibility of going beyond.  Deaf Confederacy has been tactically stalled due to the external factors for a considerable period of time; the good news, the condition has been purified. It has taken into the next step of the new era with the formation of Deaf Confederacy.  

We believe Deaf Confederacy has a good opportunity to  stand out from the others because they are strong believers of the Deaf grassroots movement and they should be given with the ultimate tools to communicate and promote their wellbeing and development with relevant organisations and relevant persons, that is where Deaf Confederacy can come in and offers the ‘mantle’, towards the Deaf people where it should fit with their interests first within their Deaf communities and how the information should be shared and represented within the Deaf Confederacy.

 “In this electronic age we see ourselves being translated more and more into the form of information, moving toward the technological extension of consciousness.”

Marshall McLuhan

 We would strongly recommend you to read the ‘Introduction…..a birth of Deaf Confederacy” below…. It will tell you with it’s  aims and the objectives. Deaf Confederacy must be run by Deaf and should be managed by the Deaf.  Please read on……… 

An introduction……… a birth of Deaf Confederacy.

We‘re almost certain you will have many questions to ask at this stage with the launch of Deaf Confederacy and looking for the answers. In short, the title itself has clearly defined itself towards the Deaf audience as the obvious choice; they are primary drivers, the Deaf service providers alike and the policy makers that would bestow upon us.

Why this has come into the being? 2014 has set the impetus to create a centralisation of ’Deaf portal’ to collaborate, share, engage, inform, educate and communicate with the right tools with all the Deaf and its affiliates and the associations. This will help to prevent the defragmentation of Deaf communities in Scotland and beyond. Deaf Confederacy is going to become that ultimate ‘tool’ to re-connect the defragmented islands of Deaf communities into one big island into one well connected island, with one aim is to create the democracy, sign or ‘voice’, the louder it is, the more attention it will get. Now you are thinking what sing or voice shall be utilised with? I leave that with you to ponder with your thoughts, this is where you can come in and take part with Deaf Confederacy to have your sign, written and voice, that is a small step for you, and it is a giant leap for Deaf Confederacy. Without you, we simply don’t exist. It’s simple as that.

We have just stepped into a pond and just created a small ripple, the ripple will reach others in the pond eventually, branching out into the unreachable corners, and the more ripples we create with Deaf Confederacy, the energy shall harness its strength to maximise the collaboration with all the Deaf and with its association and the affiliates.

Taking this part is one is a very important step for every deaf individual and with its close association, it shall provide with a visual communication tool via Deaf Confederacy and taking part with us, this can be covered from the policy makers from the Central Government, Scottish Government, Local Authorities and the public service providers and private sectors. This is where Deaf Confederacy would step in to read, evaluate, analyse the information, probe, enquire, and translate into BSL formats to allow others to follow and take part of the discussion and make suggestions for improvements for others to take where required. That is one small part of Deaf Confederacy; of course, there will be other methods to be investigated and with the audience’s demands. This would be the subject with the growth of Deaf Confederacy and its demands.

Now, you are thinking, why do we need this while we see with the current news, reading the newspapers, of all sorts? Okay, it’s good question. We will relate to the majority of the matters that matters the most with the Deaf community and the probable risks of impact or benefits that may be bestowed upon you from the change from the policy makers, providers, etc. (For your illustration; they can be DWP, ATW, news, politics, etc.) This is your great opportunity to share the information that you had experienced with the Scottish Referendum. Again, this is about information collaboration, which will lead to share, engage, inform, educate and communicate.

Why should we share this with you? One of the most likely questions; they would be likely to ask us. We can fully understand where you are coming from. We can assure you that Deaf Confederacy will ensure to cover with our one of the most important values, impartiality. We will deliver with impartiality, with transparency with the professionalism and the businesses to ensure there are no conflicts of interests to affect others to gain to their own benefit/s or ours. Deaf Confederacy is here to help you as long as you wish, we will not interfere or persuade you to come to us, we will leave the door open for you and it is always open for you to enter the door voluntarily.

Let us make an analogy; the majority of you did encounter mathematics in school, college and the university and it is likely that was one of the most difficult subjects that we would struggle without a calculator and we felt it was fundamentally impossible at times. ‘Oh boy!’ this did give us some jolt from the past, should we say ‘it’s a blast from the past’ with the numbers, fractions, algebras, and the ‘famous’ cos, sin and tan rules with the horrible triangles, which has permanently scarred our minds forever! You probably now get the picture about why the calculator is being used, it is here to help you to simply the process with the mathematics with the complex calculations. Now, Deaf Confederacy is that ‘calculator’, we are here to help you. We all have experienced with the constant frustrations that has denied you from time to time. (Interpreter did not turn up at the meeting or at the hospital appointment, lack of cinema subtitles, etc., we could go on, the list is endless.) We definitely want to change that process for the better and for the future generations…..this is where Deaf Confederacy comes in.

Magic Wand

We do not expect miracles in a flash or yell ‘Sonorus!’ with Harry Potter’s waving magic wand! (I guess many of you have seen the Harry Potter films and may have stumbled with this term, ‘Sonorus’, what the….! is the most probable likely term! We guess we have to translate this for you; its ‘amplifying charm’ to louden the sound. Thanks to Albus Dumbledore for this valuable tip!), the more voice and the movement we get, the better it is. This will constitute a lot of hard work to build for Deaf Confederacy with you to drive this forward; it’s a journey that we all must embark upon to enrich our lives and we want you to be part of that journey…….and become a part of the history with Deaf Confederacy.

How do we differ from competitors? We believe that a good competition will increase its value and the effectiveness for the Deaf community. We are very passionate on what we do, we do see you as you are one of us, and we can empathise with you. We are the one Deaf community; there are other communities groups covering, the blacks, ethnic minorities, LGBT, etc. However, we do not see there is a Deaf community to that same footing; of course, we are under disabled bracket, it is a very difficult position to be in to sign or voice with your concerns. They just don’t understand us sometimes; do you ever get that feeling? (Yeah we do!) We always believed that Deaf community should be separated and become its own identity in the political fronts because our language (BSL) is not really identified just the same status as the Gaelic language, however with the recent pass of the BSL (Scotland) Act,  the Deaf community numbers is much bigger than the people do speak with Gaelic. Of course, we need to start thinking of laying the foundations now and prepare for the future to get involved with the relevant persons such as the policy makers with the current, pending, future policies.

We are very well aware there are very talented Deaf people out there; it is there for the taking. We need to get together and build a ‘formidable’ force. Who knows that you may be part of Deaf Confederacy in the future and become one of the advocacy champions  with the campaigns for social justice and equality?

We could go on; of course, we need to stop here, now you get the drift about the Deaf Confederacy.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Albert Einstein 1879-1955

Deaf Confederacy

© 2015, Grant Ferguson. All rights reserved.

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