Mobile Phone Contracts for Deaf Customers

Mobile Phone Contracts for Deaf Customers

Welcome to Deaf Confederacy’s mobile phone accessibility analysis….for the Deaf Community. 

Deaf Confederacy’s views with the mobile provider and it’s accessibility requirements and we would really appreciate if you can submit with your views and the findings with your mobile experience to us to allow us to probe, evaluate, analyse  and how it can be improved for us or speeding up the process for all of us………again.

Email us at Deaf Confederacy with your experience with the mobile phone contract, etc. and would like to share the information with others.

It is likely that we may be offered unlimited talk time and it does not deliver to our requirements to keep in touch with other Deaf people. How absurd is that! They claim they do have accessibility for the disabled people but it is clear, it’s not meeting the Deaf Community’s needs. We do require with the provision of the visual communication from peer to peer, unfortunately this comes with the data usage which is heavy dependent of internet usage. It means the Deaf customers are not getting the value for money and would expect the Deaf to pay more to meet their special requirements of communication. With the hearing peers, they get unlimited talk time, ultimately, it is their prime communication tool for them to use. Deaf people would require substantial data usage via the internet with the mobile devices on the move. Deaf Confederacy will analyse and probe, and evaluate with the mobile providers to see what they can provide for us. Recently there was a posting about Accessibility Act from the European Union in Deaf Confederacy. This may be the pivotal point for accessibility requirement for the Deaf community from the service providers. Deaf Confederacy shall ask the mobile providers with their intentions to provide with the accessibility requirements to match the same as the hearing peers with the communications over the mobile phone.


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